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A Few Hours and a Lot of Quarters

When I was a kid I used to go with my friends to a local pizzeria where they had  old school arcade cabinets. We were born in the 80’s, so that meant we were the original video game fans. But when the first Mortal Kombat arcade came out, it really blew our minds. We couldn’t wait for the weekend to come soon enough, so we could spend a few hours and a lot of quarters at the pizzeria playing that game. It was violent and bloody, and it had the coolest characters ever. The word “Fatality” was going to be on our vocabulary for the rest of our lives. So you can image how much I love this game, and the next one, and specially the next one, and so on.

This is why when the theme was announced for this week, I knew I wanted to squeeze Mortal Kombat in the design. The theme Woot gave us is “Hot”. So it was a no brainer that Scorpion (a character from Netherrealm which is basically Hell) was going to be one of my characters. And as logical as that, the other character had to be Sub Zero. Their rivalry has always been very noticeable in the series.

Hope you like the design and VOTE for it, so we can soon wear it as a t-shirt.

Toasty ShirtComp

Toasty, by Omar Feliciano



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