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May the 4th (the road to PRCC2015)

What is this? Looks like a new post from a blog that hasn’t been updated in months (ok, ok, a year).  So yeah, here I am, writting again. Why? Well, the primary reason is that, even though I haven’t posted in a while, people are still finding this blog and reading its contents. The other reason is that in less than three weeks I’ll be attending Puerto Rico Comic Con. Actually, I’ll have a booth there. This is a milestone for both me and Primitive Tool. Not only I’ll be selling my art there, but I’ll be networking and letting people know about Primitve Tool locally. Even though we are known on the internet (specially at Shirt.Woot), there are a lot of opportunities here I want to explore. So yeah, if you are attending this year’s Puerto Rico Comic Con, come by booth A-108 and say Hi.

So now, let’s talk about my latest design. If you read this post’s title, you know were this is going. This week’s derby theme is “Movie Poster Tees“, and as the theme implies, we had to design a shirt based on an existing movie poster. While I was researching, the usual suspects appeared, but after a few minutes, one particular poster caught my eye. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I wanted to design. It was the poster for the movie “Empire of the Sun” starting Christian Bale and John Malkovich. This is a movie that premiered in 1987, I was still 7 y/o. Please, no age judging, I feel old as it is. I’m a graphic designer, so the visual style and layout made me pay attention to something I’ve seen hundred of times, but I’ve never stopped to appreciate it. The idea for the shirt came to me immediately. The word “Empire” was there in my face, and the connection was made. I knew I had to design something Star Wars related. The date was right, and the poster reference was perfect.  Everything else just speaks for itself.

Hope you like my newest design as much as I enjoyed designing it. Now, it only needs your votes to help it make it to the top three designs this week, so Woot prints it on an actual shirt, and we all can buy it and wear the heck out of it.


The Empire Has Fallen

The Empire Has Fallen



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