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Party and Rocksteady!

Every week, every derby, every design is a new challenge. And sometimes challenges can be… well… challenging. This past week’s theme was “Personality Traits”. Yes I know, its sooooo abstract. The good thing about this is that you can design almost anything, and still be on theme. It didn’t take me long to commit to an idea (and that doesn’t happen too often – this meant that I really believed in that idea). I chose the phrase “party animal” as my concept. I researched different wild animals to see which one I could use for my design, and when a picture of a rhinoceros came up, I just knew that it was the one. I really love the final result, specially the contrast between his serious and tough face, and the fun party hat. 6 colors (+ halftones) on asphalt shirt. Hope you all like it and vote!

Party Animal

PartyAnimal ShirtComp


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