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This is NOT an error

Every time I sit down to design a shirt there’s always a mandatory question I ask myself before staring. Would you wear that? If I answer YES, then I know I’ll be happy with the design no matter if it prints or not. That way I know I enjoyed the process. But its awesome when other people want to wear it too, like the good people at CaptainKYSO. They have decided to print another design of mine, “Did You Even Try?”.

It’s for sale today for only $15.

PrinterError CaptainKYSO ShirtComp

On different news, I have another design up for voting this week at Shirt.Woot. The theme for this week is “Classic Literature”. As a designer, you had to choose a book from the “Top 100 list on Project Gutenburg” and design a shirt around that. Because the holidays are near I choose “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Something I find very interesting about this story is that each one of the three Christmas ghosts have a particular description:

“… the Ghost of Christmas Past, a strange childlike phantom with a brightly glowing head…”
“…the Ghost of Christmas Present, a majestic giant clad in a green fur robe…”
“…the Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come a figure entirely muffled in a black hooded cloak…”

I based my design on those quotes and made my own modifications to make them original and interesting. My versions are medieval/fantasy characters. This is what I imagined when reading the description for the Christmas Present ghost. I knew that was the vibe I wanted in my design. The whole thing is treated as a beer bottle label, because, well because beer bottle labels are cool.

Three Ghosts Winter Ale

ThreeGhosts ShirtComp


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