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1980 Strikes Captain KYSO!

Awesome news, a week ago I was contacted by the great people of CaptainKYSO interested in printing some of my designs on their website. I’ve seen great artists and designs been featured there, so I immediately said Yes. They licensed some of my designs (others are pending), and the first of those designs went up this morning on their main page as the featured design. That design is “1980 Strikes Back”, one of my favorites. The coolest thing about CaptainKyso is that the shirts “are manufactured completely by them from buying the cotton yarn, to knitting, dyeing, printing and stitching the t shirts“, plus the shipping is FREE! So go ahead, check them out and buy everyone you know a “1980 Strikes Back” shirt (don’t forget yours)!

1980StrikesBack CaptKYSO


2 thoughts on “1980 Strikes Captain KYSO!

    • Thanks to you Tarun and the good people of CaptainKYSO for featuring my design. I am honored that you guys liked my work and wanted me to be part of CK. Hope this is just the beginning!

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