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Zombies and Dark Lords

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, so I decided it was time to give you an update of what’s been going on.

I’m always trying new styles and concepts, and this past month hasn’t been the exception. I decided to follow the main stream in an effort to make a better connection between my idea and the viewer. Sometimes being too original doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. That’s why I’ve being exploring pop-culture references more than ever. Here is a brief description of my latest designs.

The idea for this design came directly from the TV series “The Walking Dead”. For the first time, I had to design on the back of the shirt. So I thought it would be cool to mimic an iconic symbol on the show, Daryl Dixon’s biker vest. I made two versions of the same design, one with the lettering WWDDD (What would Daryl Dixon do) and one with just the wings. The later version has received more attention from voters.

Little Brother’s Wings (no text)

Little Brother’s Wings

LittleBrothersWings ShirtComp


I usually don’t submit more than one design each week, but this other idea popped into my head and I just could let it pass. It’s a warning sign for people (including myself) who just can’t resist posting every bit of their life on the internet. We need an intervention people! LOL.


Warning ShirtComp


Two weeks ago, I submitted a design for the theme “Orwellian”, in other words “Big Brother is watching”. I used this reference and combined it with my favorite book, “The Lord of the Rings”. The design depicts a Palantir (an all-seeing-stone) controlled by Sauron, who spies on every searched done in “Ring”, Middle Earth’s search engine.

He’s Always Watching

He'sAlwaysWatching ShirtComp


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