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Study of a Drakë Akhekhü

StudyofaDrakeAkhekhu DetailVote

Back in September I made a design for Derby #268: Crosshatch Rehash. It was based on Leonardo DaVinci’s drawings. Back then it did extremely good and it even received an Honorable Mention after that. But sadly, it wasn’t printed. I’ve been wanting to go back to that design, rework it and submit it to other shirt sites. Well, yesterday the opportunity came. Woot announced the theme, “Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci”. The timing was perfect. I am very happy I reworked it, because the results are amazing. The differences between the first design and this version are remarkable. I was able to use more colors and halftones, which helped me a lot to achieve some effects that weren’t possible the first time. Here you can se a comparison between both versions.

StudyofaDrakeAkhekhu ShirtComp


You can read more about the first “Drakë Akhekhü” design here.

Drake Akhekhu 2 ShirtComp


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