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Explore NYC

ExploreNYC DetailVoteThis week I bring to you a poster-styled shirt design. The theme for this particular derby is “Vacation Slogan Shirts”. My last vacation break was this past winter and I traveled to New York City. I really LOVE this city. So much, that I decided to make a design based on it.

Have you notice that every alien, monster, zombie, robot or natural disaster movie seem to take place in NYC? Someone in Hollywood must really hate New Yorkers. Well, my design depicts this, on how every freaking time there is something unnatural going on, it just happens in NYC, or at least begins there. All these creatures should start looking for other places to bother… How about Alaska? Nothing happens there, at least not in the movies 🙂

Hope you like this design as much as I do and vote for it!

ExploreNYC ShirtComp


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