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Catching Up!

There’s a lot of stuff happening right now. I’ve been busy designing shirts almost every week and submitting them to Woot’s derbies. As always, I try to use different or new styles every time and I am very happy with the results. I am very confident that some of them may become real shirts sometime soon. But that’s the tricky part. Every shirt site has it’s own demographic and not every design fits on it. That’s why I’ve been submitting some of my designs to other sites.

I recently received and invitation to join Pampling, a shirt site from Spain. I’ve seen it around but I have never given it a try, until now. That invitation motivated me to move my designs around, so I immediately decided to participate. I submitted my design “He’s a Hipster” which I believe is a very good design to start with. I uploaded it recently to Threadless and it got a very good score, a 3.44 out of 5, but apparently they didn’t choose it. So I wanted to try my luck at Pampling with the same design. The scoring process ended a few days ago and it received a 3.26 out of 5. Now I am crossing my fingers and checking my e-mail constantly to see if they want to print it.


I’ve also submitted my design “Home is…” to Qwertee. This one is from an idea I’ve had for some months now, and finally had the opportunity to design it. I am extremely happy with this one and apparently people are too, because it’s doing really good. You too can vote for it and help me make it a real shirt, just click HERE.

HomeIs ShirtComp

I’ve also have some designs I’ve worked on these past weeks that I want to submit to other sites. Here are some of them. This one is named “Elders of the Internet”. It is based on one of my favorites TV shows, The IT Crowd. The design is like some sort of emblem or logo representing the secret society of the Elders of the Internet. It is taken from one of the most funny segments of the show. You can watch the scene that inspired me in this YouTube video.

EldersOfTheInternet ShirtComp

Here is another design that I believe came up really good. I’ll most likely rework it a little bit because I’m planning to submit it to a more artsy-oriented shirt site. I call it “The Encounter”. It shows that exact moment when a time traveler soldier goes back in time and has an encounters face to face with a dinosaur, in this case a very dangerous raptor. I’m starting to think I have an obsession with raptors 🙂

The Encounter ShirtComp

Even though the next one is very simple, it was very fun to come up with and I really think it’s very clever. I’ve being playing with words and visual puns, and this design it’s a sample of that. I hope to submitted somewhere else soon…

LoosingMyTamper ShirtComp


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