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We’re back… Finally!

Hey everyone! I’m back and ready to revive this Blog! It’s been so(oooooooo) long since my last post, but I’ll keep you busy this new year with everything related to my designs.

Now, lets get (re)started!

The best thing about designing a new shirt every week is that each and every one of them feels special. It doesn’t matter if it gets a lot of votes or just a few, if it gets printed or gets ignored, if it falls short or receives an Honorable Mention, it’s always a great experience and an opportunity to learn something new. In this post I’ll present to you some of those ideas that I’ve worked on the past few months. I’ll keep it short with only three designs this time, but I’ll keep you updated with every design. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Here’s my latest design, submitted for this week’s derby “Literary Classics”. It’s titled “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, based on Jules Vernes’ masterpiece. The style I used here reflects some things I learned last week while inking another design. I used Illustrator a lot more than I usually do, and used Photoshop just coloring and not illustrating like I’ used to. I think that I’ll go down this road a little bit more often because I really like how the design looks using these techniques. Hope you like it and vote for it here.

20,000Leagues ShirtComp

Last week’s theme was “Mad Science!”, and there’s nothing better than a T-Rex with tentacles to represent this theme šŸ™‚ . I present to you a scientific marvel, “Who’s Laughing Now?”

WhosLaughingNow2 ShirtComp

On January 18, I submitted “Exclamation of Triumph” for the derby “The 90’s”. This design uses the word Boo-Yah, a term used on the 1990’s to express triumph. I merged it with the design from Sheldon Cooper’s Bazinga shirt from the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”.

Booyah ShirtComp


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