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Dräke Akhekhü

When I first read the theme for this week’s derby I was very excited. I felt right at home. The challenge was to design a shirt using the drawing style “crosshatching”, using just one color and no halftones of any sort. We had a whole week to come up with a concept. But like any “good” artist, I didn’t work on it until the last day before the derby opened. But everything worked out just as planned.

I wanted to design a realistic dragon skull. So I used different parts of real animals as reference for my concept. The base of the design is an elongated t-rex skull to make it more dragon-like. The teeth are based on a crocodile, slightly modified to make them appear larger and longer in some areas. The horns on the top of the head are imitating the ones found on some species of antelopes, and the one on the nose is a small version of a rhino horn. The vertebrae is based on snakes, having in mind that dragons have bodies that share similarities with serpents.

After I finished it, I wanted to make it special. One of my original ideas was to make the design look like an ancient drawing, like if some old scribe was studying dragons and decided to record his findings. So I looked at Leonardo Da Vinci’s study drawings and used that color scheme and layout.

Dräke Akhekhü



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