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The Origami Battle (un)folds

I love when Shirt.Woot comes up with challenging themes like the one they choose for this week, “Tromp l’oeil”. I’ve never heard the term prior the announcement of the derby, so I had to do a lot of research. This is the definition available on Wikipedia: “Trompe l’oeil, (French for deceive the eye, is an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects appear in three dimensions.” So basically, my design had to look like it was coming out of the shirt.

I started searching for inspiration in the usual places like Google and my favorite, Etsy. But it was very difficult finding ideas for a theme like this. After a few hours (I don’t remember how) I came across some pictures of Origamis. One idea led to the other and I finished with a Star Wars design. I know its has been done till dead, but I don’t think I am forcing it. It really creates the 3d illusion the technique requires.

Update (00/00/00): + votes / th place

The Origami Battle (un)folds




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