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But, we share a bond…

I wasn’t able to submit a design for last week’s derby. My nephew was born and it was more important for me to go to the hospital and see him for the first time. I am a very happy uncle 🙂

But this week I’m back. The derby forced me to practice my weakest area, cartoons. But I did my research and came up with , what I think is, a very clever design. The theme is “Three’s a Crowd”. Someone in the pre-derby forum started talking about diatomic molecules and that’s when this idea came to my head. A concept involving the atoms that form Carbon Dioxide, 3 molecules to be exact. Two oxygen molecules plus carbon. Just the two oxygen atoms together are breathable, but when you add carbon to the compound it makes it toxic. This is exactly what I used as the pun on my design. The third wheel here doesn’t let the other two guys “breathe”.

I hope you enjoy my design as much as I enjoyed making it. Please visit Woot and VOTE for it!

Update (00/00/00): + votes / th place

But, we share a bond…



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