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Ned Stark lives!

“Board Games”, that’s the theme for this week’s derby. I decided to submit one of the first designs I made for a shirt a year ago. I reworked all the colors and added a lot more details to the original design. Here is the description:

This design is based on the extremely popular serie by HBO, “Game of Thrones”, and a board game I used to play a lot when I was a kid, “The Game of Life”. The design shows the family of Ned Stark, the Hand of the King. A numerous family with 8 members. This is an analogy to the theme and purpose of “The Game of Life”, which is to form and raise your own family and be successful in life. In this case, the characters from the series are represented as pieces of the board game, but in full costume. The name is a parody of the board game’s title itself, but refers to the House of the Wolf.

Update (00/00/00): + votes / th place

The House of Stark




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