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Shirt.Woot has joined forces with The Sierra Club this week to offer a very interesting derby. It is named “Open Spaces”. This is the description made for the derby:

“Give us your best depictions and inspirations from the wide open spaces of nature in our great state and national parks! Maybe it’s an ode to appreciation, a cautious warning to preserve a precious resource, or just somewhere cool you’d like to visit some day. The point is to inspire people to get outside and enjoy what the earth has to offer!”

I immediately knew I wanted to design something related to Puerto Rico. And after considering a few concepts, I decided to render a picture I took about a year ago on a road trip I made with a couple of friends to the National Park Las Cavernas del Río Camuy. This is one of my favorite nature spots on the island. If you ever come to Puerto Rico, You have to visit the cave system, it’s breathtaking and peaceful at the same time. The picture is taken from inside the cave, looking at the opening of the Clara Cave, the main attraction of the Park.

Update (04/23/12): +448 votes / 8th place

Open Your World


My original picture:


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