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Spring Melt

Living on a tropical island has some disadvantages, yes I know, it’s difficult to believe but trust me on this one. One of the things I miss the most is having different seasons throughout the year. We enjoy summer pretty much all the time except on “winter”, if you can call 70º weather winter. So yeah, thanks a lot Woot for rubbing that on my face with derby themes like this one, “Spring into Spring” 😛

My design is about Spring happening inside a Snow Globe. The snow has already thawed and the tree inside is flourishing, all signs that Spring is here. The green grass is growing beyond the limits of the crystal ball, thanks to the small creek created by the melted snow. As part of the concept, I added a cork that was holding all the water inside the globe. Why you ask? Why not?

Update (03/22/12): +487 votes / 4th place. It’s really hard to see your design loose by one position, but I’m very happy on how far it made it!

Spring Melt




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