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A second chance to “Look Up”

Another exciting week just passed. My current design made it to the Fog shortly after submission and it stayed there for the whole derby. Now we wait and see if it wins this weekend, it would be my second print if it does. I wanted to thank everyone who voted and commented in the thread. It means a lot, specially this week which hasn’t been an easy one for me in a personal matter. But I won’t stop, I won’t give up!

We are taking a small break this week with the submissions. There is no actual “derby” taking place, but a Double-Take. This means that there is no actual theme, the designs competing will be the ones that received an Honorable Mention in the past 12 derbies or so (3 months). My “Look Up” design for the “Winter Redux” derby will compete this week, a second chance for my second best design up to date with 646 votes (still waiting for the “Pirate Space-Ship” results). It was ranked 6th place that day, so let’s hope people still like it as much as they did back then. Here is a link for my previous post on this design.

On other news, I am very happy to announce that I’m back at showing some love to my Facebook Page. Everything I post here now is automatically uploaded to Primitive Tool’s fan page, which means that it will be constantly updated. Please remember, there might be some old pictures and comments in Spanish. Keep in mind that my first “fans” were friends and family, and Spanish is our natural language, so yeah.

Update (00/00/00): + votes / th place

Look Up



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