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Thank You BestLosers!

Yesterday, the popular blog announced it was closing for various reasons. ThatRobert and his blog played an awesome roll in the Shirt.Woot community, specially for artists, big and small. The following is the comment I left at his post.

“This is very sad. I’ve been around the Woot community for a few years now. And about 9 months ago, I started submitting designs to the derbies. My designs weren’t that great at that moment, but I kept trying. Sometimes without hope. But one day, I received a crappy little badge from Bestlosers for my “Another Week Lost” design. That changed everything for me. It motivated me to keep trying harder and harder every week. Not too long after that I had my first Fogged design. And two months after that, my first Woot print with a few more designs on the Fog. ThatRobert, you are in some part responsible for my achievements, you encouraged me without knowing it, to keep going and I’ve made it.

I know you’ve thought this very carefully, but, just like me, there may be other small designers that need this type of encouragement. Think about what you’ve created here. This is not about Woots blanks, it’s about the designers and their art. Closing BestLosers won’t hurt Woot in any way (they are hurting themselves if the quality is not the same like you said), but it will surely leave a hole in the community, specially to small artists that felt happy and important every time they found a crappy little badge on their thread, just like I felt when I received mine.

Thank You ThatRobert!”

Here’s to you buddy, you are definitely the BestLoser ever! Once again, THANK YOU.

• Congratulations on being an Awesome BestLoser!
• This is not THE END.
• Closing does NOT mean we’ll forget about what you did — I’m hoping you return!
• Your gift is this crappy little badge to remind you we are eternally thankful . Enjoy.
• “Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’
Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.’” – Charles M. Schulz


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