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1980 Strikes Back

Oh yes! I’m really excited about this week’s derby, “The year you were born: Redux”. The idea behind this theme is to design something related to the year you as an artist were born. And what do you know, two awesome events happened the year I was born, the game “Pacman” was released and the movie “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” came out. The year was the great 1980. I immediately thought I had some advantage against a lot of the other designer because of the cool things that happened that year. Plus I was one of the few that was allowed to design something related to Star Wars, and actually be on theme.

I started with a completely different design, but then I came up with this new idea which is more powerful as a concept. The idea behind my design is that Blinky asks his new ghost friends to help him against the evil Pac-Man, who already ate 3 of his defenseless buddies. Now the ghosts will Strike Back… His three new friends happen to be ghost forms of Darth Vader, a SnowTrooper and Boba Fett.

Update (02/21/12): This makes me sad, my design was rejected this late in the derby. I don’t have a computer home, so I rely on the computer I have at work (hope that’ll change soon). This means I cannot revisit a design during the weekends and it will be too late if I resubmit it tomorrow. Ohh well, till Thursday again.

1980 Strikes Back




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