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I Haz Portalz

I am not a fan of shirt designs that are too cute, that’s why this new derby made me feel a little bit out of place. The theme is “Kitties”, that’s right, kitties like in felines. I am an animal lover and I take care of a few of them, including two cats. So yes, I like cats, what I don’t like is the idea of having to design a shirt around them, specially when there are a lot of artists that are pretty good at these kind of designs.

My take on the theme is basically an interpretation of the cover for the console game Portal, using as the main concept a mash-up between a kitty and GlaDos, a robot character from the game. I liked the idea of making a robot cat, specially one that has just one eye and all the proportions are different from what we are used to. Why…? Why not?

Update (02/16/12): +187 votes / 33th place

I Haz Portalz




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