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Elements of Life (Watercolors)

Like any other geek out here, I love pop-culture shirt desings, but sometimes it looks like some artists use the same concept over and over, just tailoring them to the derby theme running that week. And I think that the people at Woot are starting to think the same thing, because lately, they are coming up with themes designed to push us artists to experiment with new techniques and concepts.

And boy, is it working! The theme this week is Watercolors. There are a lot of awesome designs this week, all thanks to the restrictions Woot made like, no pop-culture references and limiting the shirt colors that could be used this time around. It was a bit difficult to find a concept but I finally did it. My design is all about the four elements of life. Water, Fire, Air and Earth, and a representation of Aether, “the material that fills the universe above the terrestrial sphere”, in other words, greek’s fifth element.

Update (2/2/12): +? votes / ?th place. My design is on the Fog, we’ll know during the weekend if it won. Fingers cross!

Elements of Life


Wallpaper version (without halftones):



2 thoughts on “Elements of Life (Watercolors)

  1. Hello! I really loved this shirt design but I wasn’t able to buy the shirt when it was on sale. You shoudl find someone to sell it! Like on bustedtees or threadless 😛

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