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Face To Face 2.0

This is a revision of the original “Face to Face”. I eliminated the strings attached to each can, and added a wireless antenna in it’s place. The idea behind this was to make a wireless can phone, a much-needed-upgrade of the string can phone. Imagine trying to explain what a wired phone is to an eight year old. Aghh, what a headache!

Sigh… I designed this revision because the original was rejected for being “Off-Topic”. Well, it was more complicated than that. I’ve been seriously thinking if I should even write about what happened this week. And after much thought and consideration, I don’t think it deserves more attention than it has received. The complete “saga” can be found here. I do want to say this: I participate in the Derbies because it is fun and because I socialize with other artists and non-artists. It is not set in my mind to make any enemies there, ever…

Update (10/27/11): +129 votes / 29th place (in only a day and a half)

Update (10/31/11): Now, this was a very pleasant surprise. After all the struggle last week with submissions and revisions, Woot granted my design with a Honorable Mention, for the second week in a row! Now I have two designs competing in the next Double Take Down 🙂

Face To Face 2.0



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