The Drop

I had to wait two weeks to submit a new design, because this past week was Woot’s Double Takedown, in which the designs up for voting are only the runner ups from the last three or so months.

But this week, Woot decided it was time to put shirt designs to a side, and revamp the artwork for their mailing bags. This Derby has no specific theme, just a lot of rules. And surely the most important (and challenging) is the use of only three specific colors. I decided to take a different path and approach for my design. I got a little inspired in the Russian De-constructivism and it’s war propaganda. But in this case, the bombers aren’t dropping bombs, but crates filled with Woot’s ideas and shirt designs. There are three detailed crates that contain symbols and clues of what it’s inside, robots, ninjas or zombies. I choose this three because they are very common on each Derby.

Update (9/08/11): +81 votes / 44th place

The Drop


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