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Finally Caught It

Sometimes you can get a little bit frustrated with some people’s practices on Woot’s Derby, specially when their practices affect you directly. Some artists submit their design just seconds after the Derby has been opened, and this challenges you to finish and submit yours as fast as possible. You try to do it so, first, to get the attention of as many as wooters possible, and second, to ensure that you submit an original design. Some artists submit similar designs and this is bound to happen do to the nature of the Derby itself (same theme for everyone). But it is very frustrating that you design something that you are pretty sure is a unique approach to the theme and that probably no other designer will submit something similar, and 24 hours after you submission, another designer submits an artwork that ripoff your idea, just using a different style. And is even more frustrating to see that this designer doesn’t need to do that because he/she as come up with great designs in the past, and even have printed shirts.

This is why, for the first time since I started designing for Woot’s Derbies, I decided to submit a second design. This quick design portraits a chubby dog, with and x-ray sheet in front of him, showing the contents of his belly, which in this case is a whole car tire. The design is less polished to previous ones, because I designed almost completely free hand in an iPad2 using SketchBook Pro and exporting it to Photoshop for the final x-ray effects.

Update (8/25/11): +25 votes / 108th place

Finally Caught It


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