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You Shall Not Pass (the 5th grade)

I must be the biggest Lord of the Rings fan in at least a hundred miles radius and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to design a shirt that reflects that. This week’s theme is “Back to School”. I wanted to design something that showed that unforgettable moment when Gandalf yells at the Balrog telling him “You shall not pass”, clearly stating that it wasn’t going to cross Khazad Dum’s bridge. But in my design, the phrase is telling a young Balrog that he won’t pass the 5th grade. The concept takes form with a school sign just outside the building with an icon that shows a silhouette of Gandalf in that precise moment when we screams at the Balrog. The young Balrog sees the sign and immediately understands that the message goes directly to him.

As for the design itself, I experimented with halftones again, but this time, lined halftones instead of round ones. I really like the effect it gives a little bit more than the round halftones.

Update (8/18/11): +245 votes / 20th place

You Shall Not Pass (the 5th grade)



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