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Three Simple Rules

Not one of my strong subjects, but definitely a very interesting one. “Chemistry” is this week’s theme at ShirtWoot. Atoms, equations, numbers, elements, compounds and much more came to my mind when I started thinking about a concept for my design. Things that change and morph when in contact with other elements. That’s when the word “gremlins” popped in my head. Those nasty creatures were the result of a stupid teenager not following three simple rules. The first one: “Avoid direct contact with light” because it was dangerous and could be deadly; Second: “Don’t allow any contact with water” (H2O); and the Third one and the most important, “Don’t feed them (food chemistry) after midnight”.

I designed this shirt with the idea that it looked like someone was writing a chemical equation on a blackboard. Every section of the equation refers to a part of each rule, and combines all three to form the whole piece. My intention was to add colors to the design, but when I saw that it worked so great with a black background and everything else on white, I decided this was going to be my color scheme. Another thing I did was to use the original sketch as the final design because it gives the sensation of being something written on a blackboard with a piece of chalk, not perfect and handwritten.

Update (8/4/11): +43 votes / 100th place.

Simple Chinese Chemistry – Please vote!

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