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Cabin Fever

This week was all about Fairy Tales. I decided to use a twisted version of the common fairy tales. And what is more sick and twisted than Jigsaw from the Saw movies? When I sketch my design, it never passed my mind that Jigsaw was going to be included on it. But as the sketch went on and on, it was almost asking to be included. The design presents a lonely cabin in the woods, with what appears to be “trophies” and remains on different characters from Fairy Tales. There are 8 different representations on the design. The Gingerbread Man, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, the Apple from Snow White, Bead Crumbs left by Hansel & Gretel, the butts of all three Little Piggies, Red Riding Hood’s red cape, wood parts from Pinocchio, and the heads of Three Bears from Goldilocks.

I experimented a lot with lights and shadows using the Halftone technique, and I have to say I am falling in love with this technique more and more every derby.

Update (7/28/11): +45 votes / 75th place.

Cabin Fever Tale

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