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Woot, woot!

I’ve been an active collector of custom shirts for more than a year now. One of the websites I visit constantly is Shirt Woot. They have a very interesting way to print shirts. What they do is run Derbies with random themes for each derby, artists submit their designs for every wooter to vote and choose three winners to be printed. I decided that I wanted to participate in these derbies and test new waters.

The theme that will run this week is “Anthropomorphic Food”. Quite a challenge for me, been the first time I summit a design to Woot. I decided to combine two of my favorite themes in the world, Sushi and Japanese Culture. My design consists of a sushi roll piece that at the same time is a Japanese Geisha. The rice and meat become the face, the seaweed transforms into her hair, and there are some details as the wood sticks and the rising sun on the background.

Update (6/9/11):
+94 votes / 57th place

Memoirs of a Geisha



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