It’s an island thing…

Since the moment I decided I wanted to start my designs, I knew I didn’t wanted to get stuck on themes that only a small demographic would understand. But before trying some hardcore designs, I wanted to work on something that seemed to good to let pass by.

Right know, the NBA playoffs or semifinals (I really don’t follow sports that much, so I’m not sure which is which) and there is a fenomenom going on. Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, the puertorican pride, Jose Juan Barea it’s giving a hell of a show for his team, the Dallas Mavericks. A lot of my Facebook friends are going bunkers with the way JJ is playing and making us puertoricans proud. So, I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away and decided to design something that shows that pride.

The immediate thing I went for was the Mavs logo. The logo has the face of a mustang, brave and ready to show it’s fury, just like Barea’s will to grow in this fabolous sport, and show everybody his (our) big heart. And there came the idea of replacing the mustang’s face for JJ’s. I wanted to show that puertorican pride in some way, and the word “Boricua” was the best thing that suited that. One of the things I liked best about this idea is that the letters R, I & C from the words Mavericks and Boricua were placed in the same position, and so it was born the phrase JJB BORICUA.

It was an immediate hit among Mavs fans, and of course, puertoricans.

Here’s the final design:


The shirt can be ordered at Primitive Tool Store


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